The Depot Theatre presents the Tony award winning musical classic


Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM 


14 Nov - 1 Dec - at brand new food, drink and boutique performance venue

LIMELIGHT ON OXFORD, 231 Oxford St Darlinghurst

Director Julie Baz Music Director Antonio Fernandez Choreographer Robert Allan Designer David Jeffrey

A ground breaking modern musical, COMPANY is a mature, intelligent, and wildly funny look at relationships, vulnerability, and “being alive.”


The ages listed below are playing age ranges, however we encourage performers of all ages 18+ to apply. We are also seeking to cast actors from a diverse range of cultural and racial backgrounds.

ROBERT - 35, vocal range: top G5, bottom G3. The story's protagonist, he is a keen observer who appears happy but holds pain in his heart. He is the only one of his friends still single. Terrified of marriage and fears a lifelong loneliness. 

SARAH - 30-45, vocal range: top A5, bottom A3. Harry's hyper critical wife. She is an avid learner of karate and tends to overeat. 

 HARRY - 30-45, vocal range: top A5, bottom A3. Sarah's husband. He is a recovering alcoholic continually falling off the wagon. 

SUSAN - 30-45, vocal range: top A5, bottom A3. A delicate southern belle. Peter's wife and ex-wife. 

PETER - 30-45, vocal range: top A5, bottom B3. Susan's husband. The perfect husband and ex-husband. 

 JENNY - 30-45, vocal range: top A5, bottom A3. Quietly manipulative, simultaneously square and wise. 

DAVID - 30-45, vocal range: top A5, bottom B5. Jenny's husband, he is relaxed and always in control. 

AMY - 25-40, vocal range: top A5, bottom G3. A frantic neurotic engaged to Paul but terrified of marriage. 

PAUL - 25-40, vocal range: top A5, bottom B3. Amy's fiancé. Mildly clingy, but patient to her neurotic nature. He is fully committed to the idea of marriage. 

JOANNE - 40-55, vocal range: top B5, bottom G3. Acerbic, demanding, and blunt. Puts on a brassy front that melts when she is alone with her husband. 

LARRY - 40-55, vocal range: top A5, bottom B3. Joanne's husband. He is stoic and centered, but has moments of goofiness. 

MARTA - 20-30, vocal range: top A5, bottom A3. A girlfriend of Robert's. Intensely modern, who is seeking adventure and excitement in the City.

 KATHY - 25-35, vocal range: top A5, bottom A3. An old girlfriend of Robert's. Sweet and loving, she plans to leave the City for a life of domesticity. 

APRIL - 25-35, vocal range: top A5, bottom A3. A girlfriend of Robert's. She is an adorable flight attendant who came to New York to live in Radio City. 

Please check your availability against ALL the dates below BEFORE applying to audition.

FIRST AUDITIONS – Sat 11 and Sun 12 Aug 2018 (10am-8pm) by appt - 15 min - (1) Prepare two songs (one fast, one slow) to perform at the audition. Both songs should show range and character. Both may not be longer than two minutes each - cuts accepted. There will be also be a range check. (2) Prepare a maximum three minute monologue of your choice to perform at the audition in an American accent.

CALL BACKS – Tues 14 Aug 2018 (4pm-10pm) and Sat 18 Aug (10am-6pm) by appt - up to one hour. (1) Prepare from the show at least one minute of material or more, to choose from: Getting Married Today, Ladies Who Lunch, You Could Drive a Person Crazy, Another Hundred People, Sorry, Grateful, Being Alive, Have I Got a Girl for You;. (2) Cold read selected scenes. (3) Complete a short choreography exercise.

REHEARSAL DATES - 2 Sept– 14 Nov 2018.  Rehearsals will be scheduled according to cast and crew availability. All the cast will not be required at every rehearsal, however, the entire cast may be required at each rehearsal from 3 Nov onwards.

PERFORMANCES DATES - 14 Nov – 1 Dec 2018 - 8pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 2pm and 8pm Saturday (15 performances). Previews Wed 14 and Thurs 15 November, opening night Fri 16 Nov. Cast call time is one hour prior to each performance. 

PERFORMANCE VENUE - Limelight on Oxford, 231 Oxford St, Darlinghurst

PAYMENT - Nominal fee + profit share

TO APPLY - email a maximum ONE page CV and low res headshot to

Due to the volume of applications, unfortunately we are not able to offer all applicants an audition. 


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