presents Australian premiere


by Beth Steel

3-13 April 2019

8pm Wed-Sat 3-13 April, 5pm Sun 7 April & 2pm Sat 13 April - note there is no performance on Thurs 11 April
$40 full | $35 concession | $30 preview & cheap Wed
Running time 2 hours including interval
"The play is heavy, but never alienating. A very strong cast turns what should be inconceivable, into an immediate and pressing tale full of frightening resonance...Director Kim Hardwick’s insistence on her actors delivering accuracy and dynamism, proves to be very rewarding." SUZY GOES SEE
 "The acting is good across the board, especially from Fiona Press, who is very convincing as the dour Mrs Peel…Hardwick’s management of the unfolding events is such that the play’s climax elicits gasps." AUDREY JOURNAL
 "The cast is incredibly strong. Each member carries their part powerfully to the very end...The play itself, however, is the real star here...relevance that will maintain its grip on you as you leave the theatre, and I don’t think it’s going to let go soon." THEATRE TRAVELS
 "Cast of six all provide extremely memorable performances. Each well-developed and meaty role allows these six stars to deliver dazzling depths of emotion. Recommended." SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE
 "Direction from Kim Hardwick emphasises the tension of isolation and the rapidity with which the emotion of a room can change. The dynamic within the outpost balances mundanity against constant underlying threat well and with a consistent pace that keeps the audience invested throughout." NIGHT WRITES
 "Such a bleak world would not seem fit for theatre, yet there is humour in the pathos...The cast are all entirely convincing in a stoic show of how life continues during war." THE BUZZ FROM SYDNEY

Shortlisted for the John Whiting Award

"The play grips...Steel’s grim vision of the future is both detailed and compelling“ - THE TELEGRAPH

Britain, the near future. The ocean has flooded the country, pushing the population into cities. Pollution has warped the environment, the ground is relentless and produces no crop. The government has become a fascist regime, banning women’s reproductive rights and sending all its men to fight in pointless wars against countries they haven’t heard of. On a remote security outpost in the Peak District stands the last semblance of humanity – Two young lovers connecting for the first time, two soldiers who dream of running away and two old souls trying to find some peace in their shattered lives.

Ditch is the ravaged earth of Mad Max, the dictatorship of 1984, but with a burst of humanity trying to make sense of their world. Award winning playwright Beth Steel paints a bleak, unforgiving future – but within Ditch shines light, hope and the dream that maybe the world can start again.

Beth Steel's first play DITCH premiered at the High Tide Festival in 2010 before transferring to the Old Vic Tunnels for a six week run. DITCH was shortlisted for the John Whiting Award. She was awarded the Charles Wintour Award for Most Promising Playwright at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2014.


Cast Laurence Coy, Angus Evans, Giles Gartrell-Mills, Fiona Press, Martin Quinn, Jasmin Simmons

Producer ANGUS EVANS Production Mgr/Assoc Producer MARTIN QUINN
Set/Costume Designer VICTOR KALKA
Assistant Director/Stage Manager HANNAH TONKS
Lighting Designer MARTIN KINNANE Sound Designer STEPH KELLY

Dream Plane Productions is a company run by Angus Evans and Martin Quinn dedicated to bringing vibrant worlds to life on both the stage and screen. They're interested in current, visceral works and crafting a world for the audience to lose themselves in; they're bringing back to life the dreams you had as a kid.


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