presents Sydney premiere

Joseph K

by Tom Basden

1-18 May2019

8pm Wed, Thurs, Fri, 2pm & 8pm Sat
$40 full | $35 concession | $30 preview & cheap Wed

Longlisted for the 2011 Evening Standard Theatre Awards

"Breathtakingly funny, expertly constructed and dripping with acid wit." - EVENING STANDARD

On his thirtieth birthday, Joseph K has his sushi home-delivery intercepted by two unidentified men who inform him he is under arrest. He has no idea what he's done wrong but he's determined to clear his name. As he tries to make sense of his situation and to confront those who threaten his freedom, Joseph is thrown
headlong into a fight against an invisible and illogical law. Inspired by Franz Kafka’s classic novel ‘The Trial’, Joseph K tells the story of a man who is arrested and
prosecuted for a crime that is never revealed and his subsequent struggle against an inaccessible authority. 

Joseph K starts with the hilarity of Fawlty Towers and ends with the horror of Orwell’s 1984. The script is sharp, poignant, funny and disturbing. Reflecting on important current issues - increasing population surveillance, government paranoia, terrorism and the tension between state control and
democratic freedoms.

Tom Basden is an English actor and comedy writer, and a member of the British four-man sketch group Cowards. He has written and performed extensively for comedy shows on the BBC and Channel 4 and often collaborates in two-man shows with fellow Cowards member Tim Key. He was longlisted for the 2011 Evening Standard Theatre Awards Most Promising Playwright for his stage adaption of Franz Kafka's novel The Trial , called Joseph K


Secret House, founded in 2015, is a Sydney based theatre company. Their focus is the language of performance. They collaborate to create a shared experience, exploring the relationship between artist and audience.


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