presents world premiere


by Lincoln Vickery

22 May - 1 June2019

8pm Wed-Sat 22 May-1 June, 5pm Sun 26 May & 2pm Sat 1 June
$40 full | $35 concession | $30 preview & cheap Wed

Hilarious show of grave importance

Necrophilia by Lincoln Vickery is a fresh new comedy about taboo, fetish and the limits of empathy. Tracking the lives of three employees at the local mortuary, Necrophilia explores the complexity of romantic entanglements and what it might mean to discover something about your crush you can’t let rest in peace. 

This is not a show for the faint of heart. By challenging our ideas of sexuality and the moral value we place on death, Necrophilia is a play that will push audiences outside their comfort zones while giving them plenty to laugh about along the way.

Lincoln Vickery is a Sydney based actor, writer and director who studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Since graduating, Lincoln has performed at the Black Swan State Theatre as Tonsils in a new play Tonsils and Tweezers by Will O’Mahony. Lincoln was featured as a series regular on Top of The Lake 2: China Girl (Dir. Jane Campion and Ariel Kleimann), ABC2’s Wham Bam Thankyou Ma’am (Dir. Adele Vuko) and Foxtel’s Fighting Season (Dir. Kate Woods). Lincoln is a regular collaborator with JackRabbit Theatre Company, he played Vocals in Front (Wr/Dir by Michael Abercromby) assistant directed their production of Tonsils and Tweezers (dir. Michael Abercromby) and featured his debut piece Hit as part of JackRabbit’s HiJacked season.



CAST Adam Sollis, Ariadne Sgouros, Jack Scott, Emma O'Sullivan

Lighting Designer Mehran Mortezaei

JackRabbit Theatre has been a driving force of new Australian work over the past years and they want to continue this philosophy into 2019 by mounting strong, polished work in fresh and exciting theatres. They’re known for creating new, loud, fast and entertaining theatre. They keep it fast and they keep it loose. 


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