Situated on the ground floor of Limelight on Oxford, LIMELIGHT DOWNSTAIRS is an intimate black box performance space. It has a 7m wide x 2.5m deep performance area, wings area, back and side flats, teared seating for 40 people, bio box, LED lights and console, sound mixer, a selection of microphones & stands and 2 x powered speakers. Our beautiful old piano is also available to use. 
Fully licensed, patrons can enjoy a drink before, during and after each performance.


We are currently taking bookings - for 2019 the shows will be vetted, but not curated.
We're seeking to program plays, musicals, comedy and cabaret shows with performance seasons of between 1 and 3 weeks that include 5 performances per week at fixed times.
We’ll consider anything from the completely experimental to the more conventional, including new and classic Australian and international works from all genres.


  • The shows presented as part of the LIMELIGHT DOWNSTAIRS program will be produced in association with Patina Productions Incorporated, the not for profit organisation established to support the shows at Limelight on Oxford.
  • Producers will enter into an agreement in association with Patina Productions. A $500 security deposit will be payable upon signing of the agreement and refunded at the end of the performance season, minus any charges incurred.
  • Patina Productions will provide venue management, ticketing and box office, front of house staff, technical advice, and marketing, publicity and promotional support.
  • Producers will provide a fully rehearsed show, the creative team, performers, technical operator, marketing, publicity and promotion of the show.
  • Performances days and times are fixed at 5 per week, starting at 8.15pm Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and 5pm Sun. 
  • Bump in will be from 10am on the Monday prior to the first performance. Bump out will occur immediately following the final performance. 
  • Set and props can remain in place and costumes can be stored at the venue for the duration of the production. 
  • There will be a box office split - 70% Producer/30% Patina Productions payable at the end of the performance season.
  • Advertised ticket prices will be set by Patina Productions in consultation with the Producer within the price ranges: $28-$38 Full | $23-$33 concession | $20-$28 cheap Wed & Previews.


Email the following information to
  • Show title
  • Show type - play, musical, comedy, cabaret, other (please specify)
  • Producer contact name, phone and email
  • Season length - 1, 2 or 3 weeks
  • Preferred season dates
  • One line description of the show (tag line)
  • One paragraph marketing blurb/short description of the show
  • Any other relevant information/material



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