Resolved Theatre Company

presents CS Lewis'


Adapted for the stage by Roslyn Hicks

25 Sept - 5 Oct 2019

8pm Wed, Thurs, Fri, 2pm & 8pm Sat
$38 full | $33 concession | $28 preview & cheap Wed

What would you sacrifice for a chance at Paradise?

When a bus load of people trapped in a grey, joyless town take a trip to Paradise, they realise that it’s not what they expected. It’s far too real! They all have something they’re holding on to preventing them from enjoying the wonders around them - one man’s pride, one woman’s shame, one man’s ego, one woman’s greed. One by one they are confronted by guiding spirits, but letting go of their desires is far harder than it seems, and the bus back to their old miserable town is always waiting.

The play shares a vision with Lewis in his original novel – to challenge people to examine the deepest, darkest parts of themselves, and to encourage them to think about what could be waiting after we die. The Great Divorce shines a light on what we’re giving up when we reject relationships, in this life and the next.



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