“It's clear, funny, naturalistic. It's also opaque, terrifying, surrealistic." - San Francisco Chronicle
Lee, a shadow from the past, a troubled brother, rocks up at Mom’s place and crashes Austin’s quiet writing retreat. They’re haunted by their Old Man, who’s living destitute out on the desert, and seduced by the dream of Hollywood and the chance of a lifetime held out by producer, Saul. The heat builds across LA’s sprawling suburbs, the coyotes get bolder, alcohol flows and the brothers spiral towards... perhaps something meaningful or most likely out-and-out destruction.
Director Dimity Raftos 
Cast Tony Barea, Susan Jordan, Michael Kassulke, Dean Tuttle
 Music and Sound Chris Daw
  Lighting Jacinta Frizelle 
Costumes Kelly Sharpe
  Fight Choreography Kurtis Wakefield 
Accent Coaching Paige Walker


TRUE WEST by Sam Shepard

29 May - 16 June 2019

8.15pm Wed-Sat, 5.15pm Sun

$29 full | $25 concession | $20 cheap Wed & previews

Running time 2 hours and 15 minutes including a 15 minute interval.


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